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Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for Growing Season

Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for Growing Season

Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for Growing SeasonWith spring's arrival, lawn grasses are waking up and raring to grow. For a beautiful lawn, there are some certain maintenance measures worth taking. And if you don't have time to take care of lawn maintenance yourself, then you can call in for professional assistance. At South Valley Landscaping, we specialize in lawn care in the greater St. George, UT area. Here's a look at some helpful tips for spring lawn care.

Remove Leaves/Organic Debris

Even if you're good about raking up leaves in the fall, there may still be some that have blown onto your lawn over the winter months. Leaves, sticks, and other debris should be removed from the lawn so that the grass has an optimal amount of sunlight.


By overseeding your lawn, you can help to ensure that there are no unsightly thin spots in your grass. If there are any bare areas, then they should be reseeded. When you overseed, a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer should be used. Then, after five weeks, you'll want to add a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer.


To break up tightly compacted soil, you can aerate your lawn. This way, it'll be easier for water and nutrients to reach the grass' roots.


As temperatures heat up, it'll be best to water in the morning before the sun comes up so that water isn't lost to evaporation. Using an automated irrigation system will make it easy to water your lawn at early hours.


About three weeks after your lawn starts growing again, you should apply a spring fertilizer to help invigorate the growth.


As your grass starts growing again, you'll want to make sure that you're cutting it to a healthy length. While you don't ever want to cut off more than one-third off the top of the grass blades, the exact height to which your lawn should be cut will largely hinge on the exact type of grass that you have. If you're unsure about this, you can have a landscaping professional come by and assess your lawn's exact needs.

Professional Lawn Care in St. George, UT

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Posted: March 2022