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Helpful Tips for Lawn Mower Maintenance

Helpful Tips for Lawn Mower Maintenance

To optimize your lawn mower's performance and lifespan, you'll want to take certain maintenance measures. This will ultimately help to save you money and keep your lawn looking sharp. Here's a look at six lawn mower maintenance tips.

Check Oil

It's important to always operate your mower with a healthy oil level. You should also check to see if there's any debris floating in your oil. If so, you'll want to drain it and refill it. There is regularly a plug on the bottom of the mower that allows you to easily drain oil.

Check Air Filter

Lawn mowers usually have a paper or foam air filter that can be quickly replaced. It's best to do this at the start of each mowing season. A fresh air filter will reduce stress on the mower and help it burn fuel efficiently.

Sharpen Blade

If you're mowing with a dull blade, then grass could get torn instead of cleanly cut. Generally, it's best to have a shop sharpen your blade because they can do it quickly, effectively, and at an affordable price.

Replace Spark Plug

Spark plug replacement is an easy and cheap way to optimize mower performance. To do this, simply unhook the plug wire and use a socket wrench to remove the old plug. Then, install the new plug, but don't over-tighten it.

Drain Gas at End of Season

When mowers don't start, old gas is often to blame. It's best to empty the tank at the end of the season and then refill it in the spring.

Clean Undercarriage

Grass clippings can build up on the underside of your mower, which may obstruct the discharge chute. To clean this area, disconnect the spark plug (for safety reasons) and use a wire brush to remove the debris.

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Posted: September 24, 2020