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Helpful Tips for Spring Lawn Care

Helpful Tips for Spring Lawn Care

Spring has officially sprung, awakening lawns from their winter dormancy. To make sure your grass looks nice and green for the months to come, you'll want to take some basic measures. Here are six spring lawn care tasks.

Rake Leaves/Debris

If you have deciduous trees in the vicinity of your lawn, then there could be leaves still lingering on your grass. These should be raked up, along with any other plant debris, to give your lawn ample sunlight exposure and room to grow.


Overseeding will help to prevent thin or bare spots from forming in your lawn. If your lawn has already developed bare spots, then you'll want to reseed such areas. Overseeding should be accompanied by a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. About five weeks later, a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer should then be added.


Aerating your lawn will help to break up heavily compacted soil. This will allow water and nutrients to more easily reach your lawn's roots. For warm-season grasses, late spring is a good time to aerate.


Once your grass starts growing in the spring, it'll soon be time to mow. The length to which you should cut your grass will depend on the particular type of grass that you have. If you're unsure, you can have a landscaping professional come out to see if it can be identified. It's important that grass isn't cut too short, which could negatively affect the root system.


It's best to use a spring lawn fertilizer about three weeks after the grass starts growing again. You don't want to fertilize too early or you could end up just feeding weeds instead of your lawn.


In places that get scorching summer weather, such as Southwestern Utah, it's best to water between the hours of 3 and 5 a.m., which will maximize absorption and minimize evaporation. Having an irrigation system on a timer can be very helpful with ensuring proper watering.

If you need lawn care, be sure to entrust the work to a reputable landscaping company. For landscaping services in St. George, Ivins, and Washington, UT, contact the experts at South Valley Landscaping at (435) 294-3723. Feel free to give South Valley Landscaping a call today to ask for a free landscape design & estimate in St. George, UT!

Posted: April 30, 2021