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Signs that a Tree is Creating a Safety Hazard

Signs that a Tree is Creating a Safety Hazard

Large trees can work well as landscape focal points, and also provide refreshing shade on blazing summer days. But when a big tree is diseased or damaged, it can pose a significant safety hazard. If you suspect that a tree near your home (or your neighbor's) is unhealthy, then it'll be best to have an arborist come by and assess the situation. At South Valley Landscaping, our certified arborists are experts at accurately identifying trees that need to be removed because they are diseased, dying, or damaged. Such trees could come crashing down in high winds and cause serious property damage, or perhaps even injuries. When you need a tree removed, our crew will work diligently to take it down safely.

Indications that a Tree on Your Property Is Dangerous

Big dead limbs should always be removed safely before they come crashing down on their own. While it's usually obvious when an evergreen tree has a dead limb, it can be more difficult for homeowners to spot such limbs on deciduous trees when they're dormant. Dead limbs can also cause decay to spread to living parts of the tree, creating an even bigger problem. Damaged limbs should also be taken down as soon as possible. This is because damaged limbs are more susceptible to coming crashing down during high winds. Also, when a limb is damaged, it often creates a path for disease to enter the tree. An experienced arborist will make clean cuts that allow the tree to properly heal, thus substantially reducing the risk of disease.

Root damage is another issue that can turn a tree into a safety hazard. When proper precautions aren't taken during a construction or landscaping project, roots on big trees may become severely damaged. Consequently, the tree's health may deteriorate, making the tree more likely to fall over during a storm. And if one of your big trees has a significant lean, then you should have an arborist take a look at it.

Certified Arborist in St. George, UT

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Posted: July 25, 2021