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Popular Patio Building Materials in St. George, UT

Popular Patio Building Materials in St. George, UT

Popular Patio Building Materials in St. George, UTAs temperatures start to creep back upwards, soon it will be time to throw big outdoor bashes and have fun in the sun. With a new patio, you could have the perfect platform for hosting. And even when you're not having guests over, you'll love having an attractive outdoor space where you can simply step outside the back door, fire up the grill, and chill out. At South Valley Landscaping, our crew specializes in patio design & installation in the greater St. George area. We can work with your desires and budget to give you the ideal patio for your situation. Here are five different types of building materials to consider for your new patio.


Flagstone patios are made up of flat stones that have differing shapes. Flagstone has very attractive color tones and many homeowners love it for its appearance that is reminiscent of a mosaic. It can be rather pricey, but is a great way to boost home value while giving yourself a beautiful and durable patio.


For unique or challenging patio dimensions, concrete is a great option because it can be formed to fit. And while it offers a clean look if left plain and smooth, it can be given greater personality by scoring or stamping it.

Concrete Pavers

Interlocking concrete pavers feature the same measurements, giving you a patio that has a crisp and uniform appearance. Available in an assortment of textures and hues, you'll likely be able to find concrete pavers that align with your design scheme.


Gravel offers a functional and budget-friendly patio option. It might not be the most beautiful, but it'll help with weed control and drainage, while also giving you a place for your grill.


For millennia, brick has proven itself to be a reliable building material. It is charmingly rustic and does a great job of holding up against the weather. As the decades pass, it will continue to hold its color.

Patio Installation in St. George, UT

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Posted: February 2022