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Popular Options for Walkway Pavers in St. George, UT

Popular Options for Walkway Pavers in St. George, UT

Popular Options for Walkway Pavers in St. George, UTWhen designing a walkway, you want to find the right mix of functionality and beauty, while staying within your budget. At South Valley Landscaping, we can help you with picking out the perfect pavers for your situation. Then, we can flawlessly install the walkway to your specifications. Here's a look at five popular types of pavers for walkways.


Bluestone, a sandstone, is a high-end paver option that is highly sought-after for its gorgeous blue-gray hues. Bluestone is also highly durable and will stand up strongly against heavy foot traffic. Because it's porous, it is prone to becoming stained. But using a penetrating sealer can make it easier to clean up any spills on the pavers.


Flagstone offers attractive natural color tones, which can be red or blue depending on the particular flagstone that you choose. Flagstone walkways are constructed from stones that are different shapes and sizes, creating an organic look that is full of character. Another perk of flagstone is that it offers better foot-grip than other common types of pavers, which is especially helpful when there are heavy rains.


Concrete is a great choice for those who have tight budgetary constraints. In some cases, extreme weather fluctuations will cause concrete to crack. But generally, concrete will hold up against challenges posed by Mother Nature.

Clay Bricks

If you're aiming to use recycled materials—whether to save money or to be kinder to the environment—you may find what you're looking for with brick. Clays bricks have been used for thousands of years as trusty building materials, and are a solid choice for walkways.


To add romantic charm to your landscape, cobblestone is an excellent choice. Although it's one of the more costly options, it is a great investment thanks to its durability, easy maintenance, and rustic beauty.

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Posted: April 2022