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How to Care for Your Lawn in the Fall

How to Care for Your Lawn in the Fall

How to Care for Your Lawn in the FallWith the arrival of fall, homeowners have a tendency to steer their attention away from their lawns. But as the temperature cools, you'll still want to give your lawn the care it needs. By tending to your lawn in the fall, it'll look better when spring arrives. Here's a look at six helpful fall lawn care tips.

Continue Mowing

Through the fall months, you'll want to keep your lawn tidy by mowing up until the frost hits, which is when your grass will actually stop growing.


As the summertime temperature soared, there's a strong chance that your lawn experienced heat stress, as well as soil compaction. During the aerating process, soil plugs are removed, which permits easier passage of nutrients through the lawn's root system.

Apply Fertilizer

For a beautiful lawn in the spring, you'll want to use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in the fall. The fertilizer's nutrients will help to ensure that the grass remains strong during stretches of harsh winter weather. By fertilizing after aerating, it'll be easier for the grassroots to receive the nutrients.

Keep Watering

Some homeowners think that their lawn will stay sufficiently hydrated as long as the temperature isn't hot. However, during periods of dry, cool weather you'll want to continue to water your lawn to keep it healthy.

Rake Regularly

As leaves pile up on your lawn, the grass won't receive the sunlight it needs for photosynthesis. Another issue with a leaf-covered lawn is that moisture is more likely to accumulate and promote fungal growth.


If scorching summer heat killed off a patch of your grass, you can then reseed as you determine necessary.

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Posted: October 24, 2020