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Helpful Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Helpful Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Some homeowners start to ignore their lawns when fall arrives. However, fall lawn care plays an important role in having healthy grass throughout the year. If you simply don't have the time or energy to fully take care of your lawn, then it's worth entrusting the work to a professional landscaping service. At South Valley Landscaping, our crew takes great pride in keeping lawns in excellent health. Give us a call if you need any help with lawn care.

Lawn Maintenance Tasks for Fall

Just because it's fall doesn't mean you should stop mowing your lawn just yet. Grass won't stop growing entirely until there's a frost. Up until that point, it's best to keep mowing. And when heading into the heart of fall, you'll actually want to cut your grass shorter as it approaches a hibernation period.

It's a good idea to aerate your lawn in the fall. This is because summer temperatures often cause grass to suffer from heat stress, along with soil compaction. When your lawn is aerated, soil plugs will be removed. This makes it easier for nutrients to reach your lawn's roots.

By applying a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in autumn, your lawn is more likely to be healthy in the spring. The nutrients in the fertilizer help grass remain healthy when winter weather unleashes its bitter cold. It's a good idea to aerate before fertilizing so that the nutrients can more easily pass to the root system.

When leaves from your deciduous trees start falling onto your lawn, you'll want to promptly rake them up. If you don't, then your grass won't be able to properly photosynthesize. As leaves pile up on grass, they can also harbor fungal growth that is bad for your lawn.

Also, if the sizzling summer sun killed a portion of your lawn, then you may want to reseed the area. Reseeding is best done in early fall when soil temperatures are still warm, which is important for germination.

Professional Lawn Care in St. George, UT

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Posted: September 2021