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4 Styles of Decorative Concrete

4 Styles of Decorative Concrete

When incorporating concrete into your landscape, you don't have to go with plain old dull gray. Rather, there are several attractive concrete options that can bring life to your outdoor design scheme. For patios and pathways, it's definitely worth considering decorative concrete as a way to achieve your aesthetic goals. If you've never used decorative concrete before, an experienced professional landscaper can help you choose the best style for your desires and budget. Here's a look at four attractive types of decorative concrete to consider using in your landscape design.

Stained Concrete

Through the process of staining, concrete is given colorful vibrance. A broad assortment of tones are available and you'll be able to find just the right hue for your aesthetic preferences. Stained concrete is an excellent choice for various outdoor projects, including patios, pathways, pool decks, and driveways.

Stamped Concrete

Freshly poured concrete can be imprinted with a variety of designs. Decorative patterns can add much more character to your landscape. There are imprints available that replicate the look of brick or cobblestone, which can create a charming appearance at a significantly more affordable price.

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is made from dyes that incorporate pigmented inks mixed with a solvent, such as alcohol or acetone. These dyes can also be applied to existing concrete if you're interested in adding color to your already-established pathway or patio. Earth tones are quite popular for colored concrete.

Concrete Overlays

Overlays can be used to renew old or damaged concrete. While overlays offer restorative value, they also hold aesthetic appeal. They are often used on top of aged concrete and then stamped or otherwise given a decorative flourish.

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Posted: January 23, 2021