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5 Landscaping Projects to Consider this Summer

5 Landscaping Projects to Consider this Summer

5 Landscaping Projects to Consider this Summer

Are you ready to get out in the yard and enjoy the summer weather? Who isn't? As the real heat awaits us in the near future, you may be thinking about how you can improve your yard to ensure it is even more enjoyable. The following landscaping projects offer a couple of ideas for doing just that. If you have any questions about yard improvement projects, or would like to discuss costs, be sure to connect with a licensed landscaping contractor in your community.

New Lighting

There are many different ways to light a yard, including solar powered lighting and motion activated lighting. The primary benefit of incorporating a lighting system into your landscape is the ability to use it late into the evening. Why should the party end or the good times mellow just because the sun has gone down?

Irrigation System

While you may not see an irrigation system as a way of improving the usability of your landscape, it certainly improves its beauty and reduces maintenance needs. An irrigation system means no more large scale watering that is done through the hose. You'll be able to save time, keep your plants healthy, and still enjoy your gorgeous landscape.

Water Feature Installation

The installation of a water feature can be a fairly big project, but it doesn't have to be. Small ponds and waterfalls add wonderful aesthetics to any landscape, without taking up tons of space or requiring extensive maintenance.

Patio Installation

A new patio space made with pavers, decorative concrete or other material will provide ample space to gather with friends and family. Patio spaces keep people out of the yard and reduce the chances of dirt and other debris from being tracked inside.

Fire Pit Installation

The allure of fire has captivated humans since the dawn of mankind. To this day, it's hard to beat sitting around a firepit with close friends and family, simply enjoying each other's company. If you'd like to be able to do this in your own backyard, professional fire pit installation may be in your future.

If any of these projects are attractive to you, it may be time to call in an expert landscaper. At South Valley Landscaping we provide professional landscaping in St. George and throughout Southern Utah. Give us a call at (435) 294-3723 to begin your St. George, UT, landscaping project!

Posted April 24, 2020